You can also combine the different treatments for a more complete experience.
Target different needs in the same session so you leave completely relaxed and renewed.

Underneath you can see the different combinations and duration of each.


90 Minutes

A combination of the Swedish Classical Massage and Japanese Face Lifting Massage.
A treatment from head to toe with a holistic approach!


Bodyblissbylotta Supreme
A combination of the Swedish Classical Massage and Galvanic Spa – Facial Treatment.
A treatment in which the traditional hands on massage and the most advanced research and technology meet not just to give a relaxing experience but also a visible result.


This treatment combines the highly effective Galvanic Spa – Facial Treatment with Japanese Face Lifting Massage.
An impressive facial treatment that will soften the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and will give light and vitality back to your skin!


Facialblissbylotta Oriental
This treatment combines the Japanese Face Lifting Massage with the Korean abdominal massage Bok Bu.
It is a relaxing and cleansing treatment that will give your skin vitality and light, as well as making you feel happier.



120 Minutes



Bodyblissbylotta Supreme


Facialblissbylotta Oriental Supreme
This treatment consists of the Japanese Facial Lifting Massage and Galvanic Spa – Facial Treatment as well as applying a nutritive and stimulating facial mask.
While the facial mask is working I give the Korean abdominal massage Bok Bu.
It is an optimal treatment for the stimulation of energy, balance and cleansing of toxins in the body as well as improving the tone and vitality of the facial Skin!