Today, our days are filled with professional and personal activities and we often forget to give ourselves the proper time we need to unwind and relax. Stress and too little recovery can lead to ill health.
We know that long term physical and mental stress put an enormous strain on the body and mind. After a sufficient long period of it we can end up with a diagnosis of burnout, depression, high blood pressure or permanent muscle and joint problems.

Lying on a soft massage table and being pampered while listening to relaxing music is nutrition for both body and mind. A relaxing treatment improves your mental and physical health and with regularity it will reduce the risk of getting serious health problems (mostly triggered by stress).
My ambition is to help you improve your wellbeing.


Benefits of a massage:

  • Deeper breath, improves oxygen intake.
  • Increased blood and lymph circulation.
  • Replacing toxins with nutrients.
  • Digestion and intestinal nutrient uptake are improved.
  • Blood pressure drops.
  • Blood fat decreases.
  • Immune system is strengthened.

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