Swedish Classical Massage  30/60/90 minutes

I assume a classical Swedish massage that relieves muscular tension, general stiffness and stress. It improves the blood- and lymph circulation and increases the production of the hormone Oxytocin in the body. I always use natural and essential oils to achieve the best possible results.


Korean Abdominal Massage Bok Bu 45 minutes

Bok Bu is a Korean massage tecnique. It is a treatment aiming to achieve balance. A physical and mental balance. Using euffleurage, kneading, drainage and pressure, with the whole hand, fingers or knuckles, improves problems with the intestinal functions and increases the liberation of the neurotransmitter Serotonin in the body. It is an ideal treatment as a supplement to diets, postpartum, stress, headaches, restlessness and nervousness. A treatment that balances you and makes you feel happier.

You should not book a Bok Bu treatment when; you are pregnant, when heavy menstruation, if you have an IUD. When in doubt, contact your Doctor.


According to traditional Chinese medicine, we get the energy (Qi) from Heaven (Yang) through the fontanelle and the Earth (Yin) through the soles of the feet. The two energies come together in the Tan Tien (a point a little below the bellybottom) and are distribuated throughout the body. Negative feelings acumulate in the digestive system and in the organs, that not only work their basic funcions but also regulate the level of stress and emotions within the body. The negative feelings that have not been filtrated, affect the funciton of the organs, increases muscular tension and toxins in the body.


Japanese Facelift Massage  45 minutes

This is a very revitalizing treatment that improves the muscular tone and the skin elasticity in the face. As the lymph circulation also is stimulated, it eliminates toxins as well. With the combination of various Asian reflexology methods, the skin cells are stimulated and at the same time, the blood circulation increases and distributes nutrition and oxygen throughout the body. A fantastically effective and relaxing teatment that brings vitality and shine to your facial skin. Exfoliation, massage with Rosehip oil and a facial mask is included.


Facial Treatment Galvanic Spa 40 minutes

A revolutionary facial treatment that will enable you to obtain soft, beautiful skin. Give it back its youthful looks. It is a combination of the use of Galvanic current and products of high technology targeting the ultimate sources of aging. The effect improves with each treatment, a treatment you also can do at home.

Contact your doctor before you book a treatment Galvanic Spa if: you are pregnant, have a pacemaker or similar, have epilepsy, wears braces of metal or have metal-implants.


Facial Treatment Galvanic Spa Express 20 minutes

A quick and efficient treatment for when you need to give vitality and shine to your skin, but have litttle time. This includes exfoliation, the Galvanic Spa in combination with Tru Face Line Corrector, an impressive product that softens the skin and reduces fine lines around the eyes and mouth.

Contact your doctor before you book a treatment Galvanic Spa if: you are pregnant, have a pacemaker or similar, have epilepsy, wears braces of metal or have metal-implants.



Bodyblissbylotta  90/120 minutes

A combination of the Swedish Classical Massage and Japanese Facelift Massage. A treatment from head to toe with consideration of the whole you!


Bodyblissbylotta Supreme  90/120 minutes

A combination of the Swedish Classical Massage and Facial Treatment Galvanic Spa. A treatment in which the feeling of the hands and the most advanced research and technology meet, not just to give a relaxing experience, but also a visible result.


Facialblissbylotta  90 minutes

Mamma behandling
This treatment are two parts. First the highly effective facial treatment with Spa Galvanic then follows with Japanese Facial lift Massage. An impressive treatment that will soften the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and will give light and vitality back to your skin!

Results after one Facialblissbylotta treatment:


Facialblissbylotta Oriental  90 minutes

In this treatment I combine the Japanese Facial Massage with the Korean abdominal massage Bok Bu. It is a relaxing and cleansing treatment that not only will give you balance, it gives your skin vitality and light, as well as making you feel happier.


Facialblissbylotta Oriental Supreme 90 minutes

This treatment consists of the Japanese Facial Lifting Massage, Spa Galvanic and the Korean abdominal massage Bok Bu and a nutritive and stimulating facial mask. While the facial mask is working, I give the Bok Bu massage. It is an optimal treatment for the stimulation of energy and cleansing of toxins in the body as well as the revitalizing aspect, tone and vitality of the facial Skin!


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