In treatment Galvanic Spa, I use high technology products, created after impressive investigations. They have identified groups of skin-genes called supermarcers, that influences how we age. This exclusive science is the ground for these products, that acts upon these last causes of aging to help us look and feel younger and healthier.


In facials I use a combination of effective and beneficial creams and oils.

In the Japanese facial lifting massage I use Rosehip oil.

When I give a massage, I always work with natural, vegetable and essential oils. The basis used for body massage is almond oil, sesame oil, wheat germ oil or jojoba oil. The essential oils I use the most are the ones that soothe, add warmth and releases tension. My favorites are lavender, neroli, jasmine, rosewood, arnica, black pepper, sandalwood and ylang-ylang.

Almond Oil – Prunus amygdalus – It has moisturizing, softening and anti-inflammation properties and is suitable for all skin types.

Wheat Germ Oil – Triticum vulgare  It is very rich in Vitamin E and contains small amounts of omega-3, omega-6, linoleic acid, oleic acid, palmitic acid, provitamin A, vitamin F. It retards symptoms of aging due to the antioxidant properties of vitamin E which protects our skin from the action of free radicals. It softens, moisturizes and gives greater elasticity to the skin.


Jojoba Oil – Simmondsia chinensis It contains an overall composition of 96 % of ceramides. Ceramides are substances coating the cells of the epidermis and help to regulate and moisture in the skin.

Rosehip Oil – Rosa mochata Rosehip oil contains large amounts of vitamin A, C and E, carotenoids, flavonoids, pectins, riboflavin, retinol, antioxidants and essential fatty acids such as omega 6, omega-3, palmitic, stearic, oleic, linoleic and linolenic. It hydrates dry skin, reduces fine lines, provides lots of antioxidants and improves the rejuvenating of the skin cells.


Sesame Oil – Sesamum indicum – It is very rich in nutrients and essential fatty acids and is a great hydrant. The oil is revitalizing, purificating and stimulates the circulation. Sesame oil is excellent for mature skin.

Jasmine Oil – Jasminum officinalis – It is stimulating, reinforcing, revitalizing and absolutely excellent for dry skin.

Lavender Oil – Lavandula officinalis  Great healing power. Balancing, harmonizing and purifying. A universal symbol for love.

Neroli Essential Oil – Citrus aurantium Gently soothing and regenerative. Good for nervousness, fearful people who worry unnecessarily. Good for skin with acne, impureness, sensitiveness and also for dry skin. It is calming and balancing.

Ylang Ylang – Cananga odorata – It is relaxing, revitalizing, euphoric and an aphrodisiac. Works well in depression, anger, irritation, frustration and sexual problems. Good for oily but also mature and dry skin.

Black Pepper – Piper nigrum – It is rich in mierals and vitamins and stimulates the digestive and circular systems. Black Pepper essential oil is effective in muscle pulls and cramps.

Arnica – Arnica montana – Excellent to relieve muscle aches, swelling or rheumatic pain.

Sandalwood – Santalum album – It is a healing and astringent oil. Tones up the skin and is soothing and relaxing.