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I put my energy on improving your wellbeing. Times are changing and we with them. Today, our days are filled with professional and personal activites; family, career, personal developmente etc. To give yourself the moment of receiving a relaxing treatment, is something that improves your mental and physical health. With regularity, it will reduce the risk of getting serius health problems, created by, for instance, stress.

Furthermore, in using quality products for your skincare, gives you the best way to take care of and protect your biggest organ, the skin.

For more that 24 years, I have worked in different countries and treatment facilities. This has given me an opportunity to develop my technique and my way of working holistically to improve the wellbeing for my client. This is your time.



Portal Restaurant
Hard-working restaurant staff are daily in a socially active environment. A work that is physically heavy with a mentally high tempo. Klas Lindberg, since the restaurant’s premiere – August 2016 – has given his staff massage at different occasions. The massage softens the muscles, gives a mental rest and prevents both physical and mental problems that can arise from too much stress. One – no doubt – clear investment for Portal’s staff! A long-term and positive effect for staff and restaurant. I am so happy to have the possibility to give massage to this amazing staff and contribute their well-being!

(picture from their instagram)


Mamita Sthlm
Small group travels for your personal development. This amazing journey for you includes personal therapy, Yoga, Massage, delicious cousine all in a beautiful and calming environment in France and Mallorca.


Barcelona Conference Group
They arrange training/relaxing trips to Costa Brava, Spain. You have the possibility to enjoy hiking, Yoga, Pilates, bootcamp, massage, coaching etc. all in the beautiful settings of the Coast of Costa Brava.

Next trip to Costa Brava is on June 6-9 2019, for more information please e-mail me!


Anki Adventures
Anki Sognefors arrange energy-giving trips, with different themes; dancing, hiking etc. in beautiful places and happy groups. I have the great possibility to give treatments on her trips to Costa Brava and Sitges, Spain.

You can check our next trip to Costa Brava by clicking here, join us!



Cykla & Vandra
Together with Åsa Sandström from Cykla & Vandra and Monica Jacobsson (yoga instructor) we offer wonderful retreats to the beautiful Costa Brava.
Yoga, hiking, massage and excellent cuisine alongside the splendid mediterranean sea.


Massaje en el trabajo
Nunu Rooney, has been working to give Energy Massage to companies in Barcelona for some years. There are many customer service facilities here, with 100’s of employees who work in front of a computer and with a telephone for the whole day. That gives tension to the back, neck and shoulders and is often mentally stressful. I am a member of Nunus’ well-trained team of therapists who massages staff at various companies. Our aim is to give mental and physical tensions a release and to give the staff a moment of recovery. But the massage – thanks to acupressure punctures – also gives energy! A complete treatment for the staff and good investment for the company! So fun to be a part of this!